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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Orion 2.0 Release Review

Good points.  I'll see about updating the slides as you suggest.  - Need to update with February information but this is where we track articles and references to Orion.

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2013/02/20 11:08 AM


Re: [eclipse-pmc] Orion 2.0 Release Review

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Looks good to me , +1.
Couple minor points,
    -          Slide numbers would be good such that one can refer to a slide
    -          The “Community is active” bullet doesn’t really belong to the non-code aspects IMO; community aspect seems a strong aspect of Orion thanks to collaboration with other Open Source communities, maybe add a slide to the Community section ?
    -          The “Bugzilla” slide says 342 reports resolved but the next one has Total=313 bugs , would be good to explain the differenct (I assume it’s duplicates / WONTFIX / INVALID)
    -          First bullet on the “Community” slide should probably mention IRC, I was surprised it was missing but then it’s mentioned on bullet 5 (where it doesn’t really relate to the blogs, does it ?)
I would be interested in hearing how “the outside world” talks about Orion. Are there any articles, dzone entries, blogs, …
Not necessarily needed for the release review, but if you have something it would be good mentioning it.
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