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[eclipse-pmc] Plan for CBI adoption


I think we are about ready to "switch over" to using CBI to do our builds, instead of PDE ... though there is still much work for ALL of us. Thus, I've written this short "plan" on how and when to switch, what needs to happen, etc., and you can even help "fill in" the plan if there are things I've forgotten.  

Short story is "switch next week" and "evaluate this week".

Please this plan before our Wednesday status meeting, where we can discuss any issues with the plan, and if none (or once updated), I will announce on eclipse-dev and cross-project lists what is coming.

For this week, there are daily CBI-based I-builds being ran and (temporarily) promoted to URL below -- you need to begin to evaluate these this week to make sure there are no "blockers" that inhibit switching over.  If you see any fundamental problems with the build, or the plan, now is the time to speak up!


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