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[eclipse-pmc] Conclusion of nomination of David Williams as project lead for eclipse.platform.releng


As my first act as (near) Lead of Platform RelEng ... Please update your databases to reflect the nomination and vote of committers on the platform-releng-dev list.

[I think this note normally comes from the PMC ... I'm just trying to save a step since two of them are committers on RelEng and already voted +1 ... but I won't be offended if you ask them to confirm.]

Nomination and +1s:

Kim Moir [Nomination, on 9/18/2012] [1]
Paul Webster [2]
Dani Megert [3]
John Arthorne [4]
Curtis Windatt [5]
David Williams (+1 signifying willingness, via this msg)

Not voting:
Frederic Fusier
Tomasz Zarna
Thanh Ha (not a committer at time of nomination)

[1] (Kim Moir)
[2] (Paul Webster)
[3] (Daniel Megert)
[4] (John Arthorne)
[5] (Curtis Windatt)

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