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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Orion graduation and 1.0 release review

- On the 'APIs and Consumability' slide it says: "In 1.0 this API has matured and should remain stable post 1.0". The "should" doesn't send a safe message to clients. It would be good to state the cases on which clients can count and which area remains gray. The 'API' slide which comes later, already tries to clarify this a bit. It should be moved closer to this one. Currently it is between two 'Non-Code Aspects' slides, which looks a bit weird.
- use "plug-in" everywhere (instead of "plugin").

Otherwise, looks very good. +1.


From: John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: eclipse-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date: 10.10.2012 15:46
Subject: [eclipse-pmc] Orion graduation and 1.0 release review

This is last minute, but I just realized we never did PMC review for the Orion 1.0 release and graduation. Here are the slides, we can discuss in today's call:

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