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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Clarifications about CBI, CBI-built Eclipse Platform, LTS

Hi Andrew, Everyone

Thank you for the interest and support for CBI & LTS.

On 03/07/2012 04:11 PM, Andrew Overholt wrote:
Hi Andrew,

We were briefly discussing $subj on the PMC call today and I'm hoping
you can clarify some items for us:

1. CBI itself is intended to be a Tycho template or something that can
    be used by all Eclipse projects, right?  Can you give any more
That's right, and broader than a tycho template. The CBI initiative is aimed at making building easier for all Eclipse projects. CBI involves a collection of technologies such as Maven, Tycho, Hudson, Git, and so forth - many of these are being used today so this is an evolutionary effort.

Enabling the LTS program is an important catalyst for CBI.

There's a service aspect of CBI for which we hired a release engineer and contracted to leverage some of Igor's time. This is also where examples and guidance come in to help projects benefit from this work.

2. Is the first target for the CBI the Eclipse Platform?  It is my
    understanding that EPP packages pull from the simultaneous repo so
    does this mean that the CBI-built Platform will be in the
    simultaneous repo alongside the Platform contributed by the Eclipse
    project?  If so, I can only assume that qualifiers will be different
    which I guess is a good thing so bug reports can be routed to the
    correct place.
That's right. Much of the work thus far has been aimed at the Eclipse platform build prototype. While much work remains, the prototype currently enables building the Eclipse platform with just a few commands and minimal set up. The work we're doing in CBI evolutionary responding to the new requirements presented by LTS and hopefully providing some added goodness & ease of use to the community along the way.

We're figuring the packaging part out right now. There are concerns about the risks/costs of two versions of the Eclipse platform floating around. There's not much we can do to change where we are in terms of time/the release schedule. If we can avoid multiple versions by some appropriate means which still enables LTS, then that would be a good thing.

3. AIUI, the Platform from Juno (I guess the CBI-built version?) will
    form the basis of the first LTS release.  If this is the case, will
    the Platform alone be supported for "the long term"?
Yes, we're aiming for the CBI-built version of the Eclipse platform to be fed into the first release to enter LTS, Juno.

The LTS industry working group Steering Committee will decide which projects are included into LTS. For now, since the SC isn't yet formed, we're assuming a pragmatic selection of Simultaneous release projects.

Thanks for the clarifications and sorry if this information is collected
somewhere else and I just missed it :)

Thank you for asking. I don't think we can over communicate about these important initiatives.


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