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[eclipse-pmc] Clarifications about CBI, CBI-built Eclipse Platform, LTS

Hi Andrew,

We were briefly discussing $subj on the PMC call today and I'm hoping
you can clarify some items for us:

1. CBI itself is intended to be a Tycho template or something that can
   be used by all Eclipse projects, right?  Can you give any more

2. Is the first target for the CBI the Eclipse Platform?  It is my
   understanding that EPP packages pull from the simultaneous repo so
   does this mean that the CBI-built Platform will be in the
   simultaneous repo alongside the Platform contributed by the Eclipse
   project?  If so, I can only assume that qualifiers will be different
   which I guess is a good thing so bug reports can be routed to the
   correct place.

3. AIUI, the Platform from Juno (I guess the CBI-built version?) will
   form the basis of the first LTS release.  If this is the case, will
   the Platform alone be supported for "the long term"?

Thanks for the clarifications and sorry if this information is collected
somewhere else and I just missed it :)


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