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Re: [eclipse-pmc] 4.2 Bug Hunt Competition

Hi Mike,

We discussed this in our last call. I was supposed to follow up with you but was distracted with Orion release and other things last week. We like the idea, but we want to make sure it is organized so the team isn't spammed with a large volume of low quality or duplicate bugs. The idea we liked was to reintroduce the "greatbug" keyword that we used for such a competition in the past. The idea is to reward high quality,  non-duplicate bug reports. I believe it was Martin who described it as, "A greatbug is relevant, new, and has a good description that helps understanding/finding the issue; ideally with a patch."  How does that sound to you?


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Re: [eclipse-pmc] 4.2 Bug Hunt Competition

So this email thread has left me a little bit confused. Perhaps in your next meeting the PMC could reach a consensus on whether this is helpful, and if so what metrics you want to see rewarded (patches, bug reports, …)?
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Re: [eclipse-pmc] 4.2 Bug Hunt Competition

Bug count is OK, but I would like the Platform UI team to publish a list of bugs that they want to have fixed for 4.2. Otherwise the risk is high that the UI team spends time reviewing non-important patches.

Regarding rewards for finding new bugs: I think we already have enough very important open bugs that should be addressed and projects should be enough motivated to test their stuff without getting a price .


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Subject: Re: [eclipse-pmc] 4.2 Bug Hunt Competition


How about "largest # of accepted patches during the contest period"?

I think anything that encourages people to contribute would be awesome. Heck, if <# of accepted patches> > 3, I'd even offer them commit rights. :-)


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Re: [eclipse-pmc] 4.2 Bug Hunt Competition



> We EMOers were wondering if there was anything the Foundation could do to help
> drive community help for 4.2 QA. E.g. a bug hunt competition where we promote
> and provide some prizes (iPads or the like).

Sounds like a great idea to me!

It might also be a good way to get people involved in various projects
if we can drive participation there with requests for smoke/manual
testing instructions.  I'm envisioning something like "Hi, I'm new to
<project x> and want to verify things work perfectly with 4.2.  Outside
of running the unit tests, is there a set of steps I can manually run to
verify things are working as expected?"

It's probably also a good idea to keep a wiki page where bug reporters
can list their bugs and maybe a blog entry about what they tested and
found (could be a good substitute for bugs if they can't find any :).

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