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Re: [eclipse-pmc] 4.2 Bug Hunt Competition


> We EMOers were wondering if there was anything the Foundation could do to help
> drive community help for 4.2 QA. E.g. a bug hunt competition where we promote
> and provide some prizes (iPads or the like).

Sounds like a great idea to me!

It might also be a good way to get people involved in various projects
if we can drive participation there with requests for smoke/manual
testing instructions.  I'm envisioning something like "Hi, I'm new to
<project x> and want to verify things work perfectly with 4.2.  Outside
of running the unit tests, is there a set of steps I can manually run to
verify things are working as expected?"

It's probably also a good idea to keep a wiki page where bug reporters
can list their bugs and maybe a blog entry about what they tested and
found (could be a good substitute for bugs if they can't find any :).


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