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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Win8 & Metro

IMHO,  the nature of web , or in another words, is the UI.
SWT never win the war of UI indeed. why? tooooo many limitations.
M$Windows never win 2. so mess APIs.
Javascript not a king, but why win for the moment? UI!
Though the browser more slower than RCP style application, and more worse HMI.
HTML/xml not a good thing.
CSS not 2.
HTTP not 2.
but the world get a power, javascript+HTML+CSS+HTTP
>From windowxp, I guess, M$ wanna make a combination for web and desktop.
In fact, the failed longhorn project give an answer: Yes.
But Apple wins!
M$ need again change: from windows95 to windowsNT. seems someone says: NO WAY.
So they are dying, look at the mess APIs.
Eclipse in my eye, seems duplicating M$ way:-)
Revolution need some more courage. take a look at being at sea of
eclipse years ago.
Now google's android take a way some likes ever eclipse.
And apply give us a hint, 3D era not now.
Although java2D mess, they still dare make a javafx:)
Vector graphics not so hard, if with more concentrated attention.
Expecting eclipse revolution.

BTW, if some need, I contribute my working vg :-)


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