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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Win8 & Metro

I recent got hold of an ATOM processor based tablet with Windows 8
developer preview edition. I ran Eclipse 3.7.1 32-bit with JRE 1.6. As you
already pointed out, experience was just as Eclipse over Windows 7. There
is no mouse pointer unless an external mouse is attached. And thus with
lack of it, it is a guessing game that I did not touch/click it right or it
is in hourglass mode. Of course, tablets are not meant to be development
machines. But interestingly, the performance of RCP applications was quite


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Date:	21-09-2011 18:53
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Eclipse on Windows 8 could look a lot like Eclipse on Windows 7. I expect
it will be some time before SWT can exploit any new APIs - we're only just
starting to make use of some of the advanced Windows 7 APIs. Now for Metro
one of the primary languages is JavaScript/HTML5/CSS. Obviously this is
right up Orion's alley - both using Orion to develop Metro apps, and
deploying Orion components in Metro could be interesting directions. I
don't think there have been any experiments in this area yet.


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I am curious if anyone has started thinking about what Eclipse on Win8
might look like. Have there been any experiments?

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