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[eclipse-pmc] API addition for

A new column for branches in CVS History view requires a list of branch
names of a file revision. So the requested API is getBranches() on This interface is not intended
to be implemented by clients, so we're safe here. However, clients can
extend the abstract
class, so we provide a default implementation that returns an empty array.
For more details see bug 76386.

We (Dani and myself) invested a lot time together with Olexiy on that fix,
it's well tested, we just slipped M6.


No known risks. A potential client won't get the new column for free, he
will have to override getBranches() method in his implementation of
IFileRevision (subclass of FileRevision). Otherwise he will get an empty
column *if* he decides to show it in the UI.

Should not have an impact.
Tomasz Zarna

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