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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Requesting approval for move of bundles from e4 to platform


On 2010-06-24, at 2:45 PM, John Arthorne wrote:

As discussed in the past, we would like to move several bundles out of e4 into Platform, in order to process a 4.0 release this summer. The first step in the formal process is to have a "Move Review" to obtain Eclipse Foundation approval to move the affected bundles from e4 to Platform. A prerequisite to that review is to receive official, documented PMC approval for the move. As such, I am requesting approval from the PMC for this move. Details on precisely what is moving and what committers are affected can be found here:

Please vote and/or discuss. We can also discuss this on the call next week if desired, but given all the holidays I thought it best to start the process on this list.

+1 from me, obviously ;)

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