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RE: [eclipse-pmc] Helios end game plan

> Do you have data at hand what had caused the delays?

From what I can see in the mail archives:

RC1: two teams (p2 and releng) asked for a rebuild on Friday. The build and tests completed Friday evening, and was promoted Saturday morning.
RC2: Friday morning rebuild for a Workspace bug, and another on late Friday afternoon for a p2/releng problem.
RC3: no rebuilds, promoted on time
RC4: There was a rebuild for a PDE doc issue, and to accept a new version of ECF. The build finished at 11pm Friday and all teams didn't give a "go" until Sunday morning.

I don't know if there is any general lesson to learn from this. One issue is that if the build isn't completely done (along with tests) by middle of Friday afternoon, then you end up losing a day because all teams can't give a "go" promptly once you get into Friday evening and the weekend (even Friday 5pm EDT is 11pm in Europe).

Another observation: RC3 had no rebuilds, and it still took until middle of Friday afternoon for all teams to sign off on the builds. This means there was no slack in that schedule at all to have a rebuild and still ship on time. We have to account for the fact that final verification and sign-off is an important step and we need to schedule time for it. From the above information, my conclusion is that this was more of a scheduling error than a failure by the component teams - we just didn't put enough time into the schedule for any rebuilds, which is a possibility I think we should always be prepared for (should leave enough room in the schedule to ship on time with a single rebuild after the scheduled build).


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RE: [eclipse-pmc] Helios end game plan

> I think this change is necessary because last year we proved incapable of producing a good build in less than 24 hours.
This concerns me.
Do you have data at hand what had caused the delays?

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[eclipse-pmc] Helios end game plan

Fellow PMC members,

According to the Helios simultaneous release requirements, we must make our end game plan available by Helios M6, which is this coming Friday the 19th.  I have written an initial draft of this end game plan here:

Apart from the usual one day shift in dates, I have made two changes from last year:

1) Removed one day from the RC2 test pass, to make it a single day test pass. The feedback during the Galileo retrospective was that the extra testing at this point was too late in the cycle. Instead teams would like some extra testing earlier in the end game. I have *not* added this extra testing, since I thought we should discuss with the whole team during this week's planning call. The two choices are to have a test pass immediately after M7 for two days, or to start the M7 shutdown a couple of days earlier to allow for an extended M7 test pass. I can update the the freeze plan once we decide on that.

2) Moved the RC builds from Thursday 8pm to Thursday 8am (EDT). This is unfortunate because it cuts down on the time available for the fix pass. Hopefully teams that *do* make a good contribution the first time can spend all of Thursday and Friday doing either testing or fixing for the next week's RC. I think this change is necessary because last year we proved incapable of producing a good build in less than 24 hours. From the archives, this is when we shipped each RC last year:

3.5 RC1 Saturday 9am

3.5 RC2 Sunday 7pm

3.5 RC3 Friday 5pm

3.5 RC4 Sunday 9pm

Hopefully making the build 12 hours earlier will help us hit closer to the target this time around. When we slip our milestone/RC dates it causes great disruption to the +1 projects that need to have their builds completed on the following Monday.

Comments and criticism welcome on any aspect of the freeze plan, either my two proposed changes or any other aspect of the plan that has not changed from last year. We can discuss on this list, and/or during Wednesday's call this week. Also let me know if there are any national holidays in countries where we have committers that I missed. It's useful to have these marked in the freeze plan for reference.

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