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[eclipse-pmc] PMC Bug Fix Request: to fix broken multi-select FileDialogs on 64-bit Windows


In SWT's 64-bit Windows port the FileDialog fails to open if it has style SWT.MULTI (on 64-bit Windows XP and 64-bit Windows 2003 Server only).  A callback in SWT is not being found because its signature is missing one piece of markup that converts a variable from type int to long (32 to 64 bits) during the 64-bit build process.

The initial reported case in Eclipse where this fails is when adding an external JAR to a Java project's build path.  However there are other scenarios in Eclipse where multi-select FileDialogs are used as well, and they will fail to open in a similar manner.

ASSOCIATED BUG: (Add External JARs in Java Build Path fails consistently)

Very Low.  SWT's Windows port only runs on the Windows version of Eclipse, and in SWT's 32-bit port this is not a code change because it just appears as an added comment.


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