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[eclipse-pmc] PMC approval for fix in Debug Platform

Debug is requesting PMC approval to fix the following regression in the 
3.4 release.

BUG 236922 - external tool builder does not run

-A regression was introduced in 3.4 for launch configurations stored in 
IFile's by an external file system (EFS) implementation that maps to the 
local file system. In this case, we are not correctly retrieving the path 
in the local file system that correspond's to the IFile. The end result is 
external tool builders assocaited with projects stored in an EFS do not 
run (and the projects do not build correctly).

-The fix is to revert to the correct 3.3 code for retrieving a location 
for an IFile in the local file system, and to avoid an NPE when the IFile 
does not map to a local file.

-none. A dummy/non-existant config is created when an IFile comes from an 
EFS that does not map to the local file system. This results in handled 
CoreExceptions when the config is accessed/launched.


Darin Wright

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