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[eclipse-pmc] J2SE 1.4 dependencies

The recent plan update included some changes to bundle EE dependencies.  Several were changed to require J2SE 1.4.  Some thoughts on this.


-          This is not always a good thing.  For example, changing to 1.4 means that RCP apps no longer work on Foundation regardless of whether or not help is used.

-          We need to look for more cases like this.

-          Where we up’d from Foundation 1.0 to J2SE it would be good to include Foundation 1.1 in the EE list.  Unfortunately F1.1 is not a proper subset of J2SE1.4 so we have to include both on in the list.  Doing so allows those people wanting to run on F1.1 to do so and in general places no additional burden on the bundle producers.




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