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[eclipse-pmc] feature approval

JDT UI would like to ask for approval of the following requests: Allow Sort Members to be performed on package and project levels

This is a patch that got submitted for M6, but we didn't find the time to fully review and release it. What makes this fix interesting is that it introduces a common framework for actions on multiple compilation units (like organize import / format) and will, as a side effect, improve the performance of organize imports on multiple elements by using the AST queue to reuse the bindings. [quick fix] special case fix for Collections.EMPTY_{LIST, SET, MAP} [quick fix] Change to getter on 'unqualified access' [quick fix] Greate getter for "Field is not visible"

These quick fixes were first exercise for our new practicant Karsten Becker who started 2 weeks ago. Some of them have quite a number of duplicates. As always, we have test coverage and new quick fixes are not on any performance critical path.


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