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Re: [eclipse-pmc] 3.3 Plan update for APT

I modified the plan item to remove the reference to the command line apt
tool and then moved it to committed. I didn't change the reference to
completion assistance because it didn't seem like it was a  significant
amount of the work -- In general, what actually gets done for a plan item
never exactly matches what its wording says anyway.

(note: the above is just an update on the changes I made; the new plan
isn't visible yet.)


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In today's Eclipse call we were asked to review the 3.3 plan and move
any "proposed" items to either deferred or committed.

The JDT APT item, which includes a few sub-items, is currently
"proposed".  I've updated to spell out
exactly which items we are committing to and which we are deferring.

If we need to take any further action to update the plan, please let me


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