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Re: [eclipse-pmc] F"Feature card" request: Java 6 annotation processing (APT)

+1. This is required for claiming full Java6 compliance (JSR269).

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             03/27/2007 06:07          [eclipse-pmc] F"Feature card"       
             PM                        request: Java 6 annotation          
                                       processing      (APT)               
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> ... the process for contributing feature work is going to be tightened
a little bit.
> You will need a feature card from the PMC in order to do so [...]
> Note: approval is still needed to implement an API facade which got
released late into 3.3M6.

Request permission to continue with implementing the JSR-269 (Java 6
Pluggable Annotation Processing) API in M7.

This work is partly complete but there is still a lot to do; many
individual methods and classes of this API are not yet implemented.

The umbrella bug request for this functionality is  Its
implementation is required in order for the Eclipse JDT compiler to be
fully Java 6 compliant.

I want to set expectations: my sense is that this work will be
continuing right down to the wire, and we will ship without a perfect
and 100% complete implementation.  This is an API with a lot of excess
functionality; our experience with Java 5 annotation processing makes me
believe that no one uses all of it, and what's most important is getting
the useful 80% out there and in the hands of users.


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