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RE: [eclipse-mirrors] Please check if you have "map handler defined".

One of the other mirror maintainers came up with a fix using a little more finesse than brute force approach I used of just commenting out the line.

"Besides just removing the map handler, (if you need it) presumably you can "spec" the handler to be more specific by using
something like
"\.map$" instead of just 'map' in the addHandler config. "

Mark Martin
IBM Ottawa Lab
Office: (613) 726-5692
Cell:    (613) 295-8335

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05/07/2006 11:37 AM

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RE: [eclipse-mirrors] Please check if you have "map handler defined".

We're trying to fix this for the SAS internal mirror, but it isn't as easy as commenting out that line in the httpd.conf.
That line is in the config file for legitimate reasons, and we actually do use it at SAS, so commenting out the line is not an option for us.
I'll post back when we find an alternative fix.

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Eclipse download mirror administrators discussion and announcements
[eclipse-mirrors] Please check if you have "map handler defined".

We've gotten a few bug reports against mirrors, the following three specifically.

SWITCH in Switzerland

Georgia Tech. Software Library (http)

SAS Institute Inc. (http) [internal mirror for SAS employees]

See bug

In the past, we've seen this problem as a result of how mirrors had their apache servers configured,
Mark Martin provided this "fix" for the earlier problem, so ... I'm hoping this note helps "mirror admins"
to check to see if they have this handler defined on their systems.

------- Comment
#6 >From Mark Martin 2006-03-15 14:00 [reply] -------
The problem file has the word "map" in the file name. The version of Apache I
am running has an entry "AddHandler imap-file map", for serve parsed imagemap
files. Commenting out this entry fixes the file download problem.

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