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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] Internal mirror setup

Hi Jim

At IBM we have three internal mirrors.  The eclipse foundation webmasters have configured Apache so clients with hostnames matching .ibm.com and seeking content on download.eclipse.org are automatically redirected to our internal mirror servers.  So it is quite transparent for the user.  

Eclipse Platform Release Engineering
IBM Ottawa Software Lab

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03/13/2006 11:23 AM

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[eclipse-mirrors] Internal mirror setup

On the "Mirror site request form", it states "You may also mirror the download site on your internal network."

However, there's no way to submit the form without giving a URL for the mirror.  This mirror would be inaccessible outside our internal network, so I don't suppose it matters if I give one, but TPTB would prefer that I not give said info unless it's a must.

I'm also wondering how I get the internal mirror set as the "preferred" (or only?) link when someone accesses the internal link.

Any thoughts/advice/instructions?
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