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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] Eclipse.org mirrors providing RSYNC access

Hello Denis,

I will setup an Eclipse mirror with RSYNC ability today. You can check the speed etc. tomorrow.
The server "eclipse.linux-mirror.org" is connected with 100MBit in Cologne/Koeln - Germany


Hello Eclipse mirror maintainers,

Currently, all the Eclipse.org mirrors RSYNC with download.eclipse.org, which is located in Canada.

I'd like to offer European and Asian mirrors the possibility of RSYNCing with a mirror in Europe or Asia, instead of download.eclipse.org, if there are any of you that allow RSYNC connections. These RSYNC servers could (optionally) become a central "hub" for all the Eclipse mirrors within the same continent.

If you allow RSYNC connections, what are the policies or restrictions of mirroring eclipse.org content from your server?

My goal would be to list your hostname in our mirror script (http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/eclipse.org-rsync.sh.txt), and let new mirror maintainers choose the right RSYNC server according to their location.

On behalf of the Eclipse community, I'd like to thank you for your continued efforts in maintaining an Eclipse mirror site.

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