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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] Eclipse.org mirrors providing RSYNC access

Eclipse WebMaster (Denis Roy) wrote:

Hello Eclipse mirror maintainers,

Currently, all the Eclipse.org mirrors RSYNC with download.eclipse.org, which is located in Canada.

I'd like to offer European and Asian mirrors the possibility of RSYNCing with a mirror in Europe or Asia, instead of download.eclipse.org, if there are any of you that allow RSYNC connections. These RSYNC servers could (optionally) become a central "hub" for all the Eclipse mirrors within the same continent.

If you allow RSYNC connections, what are the policies or restrictions of mirroring eclipse.org content from your server?

Most likely it could be the same as on your site. That is, the IP address has to be sent before, then it would be allowed to connect.
I could offer being a provider for this, but I don't have the full mirror now. And I think our server does not have the capacity to hold the full mirror now (there is not enough disk space now).
Although we plan to extend its capacity in January.

Another idea: wouldn't like the Eclipse Foundation place a server in Europe? I can offer to manage this, that means buying the hardware, installing it, and placing it into an appropriate hosting environment, if the foundation can cover the financial part :) Without any margin on my side of course. :)

The hosting itself costs less than 100USD per month in Budapest (for 100MBit connection).

Gábriel Ákos
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