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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] new mirror: approval?

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for volunteering to become an Eclipse Mirror site. We usually process mirror requests once a week, depending on how crazy things are.

You had sent us an e-mail last week advising your hardware wasn't ready yet. We usually take a few moments to verify the mirror requests, as some are absolute bogus.

I'll be processing mirror requests shortly. If your hardware is up and running, you'll get a response from me directly.



Andrey Barabonkov wrote:

We are willing to become mirror of Eclipse projects, we have already
bought and setup dedicated server for the purpose. I have submitted the
form at http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/mir_request.php a couple of
days ago. I wonder how long does it usually take before one gets added
to the access list? Please excuse me for asking. I do not insist on
adding us immediately, I understand that probably the webmasters are
busy. I'm just curious how long does it takes.

Best regards,
Andrey Barabonkov,
Prolet Software
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