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Eclipse mirror sites

Mirror site request form is looking for reliable sites with sufficient bandwidth and stable internet connectivity to provide mirrors of the Eclipse software downloads. You may also mirror the download site on your internal network.

What are the requirements to become an mirror?

  • An rsync client.
  • 1.5TB of disk space
  • We ask that you run rsync at least once a day to update your mirror. Rsync updates will proceed more quickly between 4:00pm and 4:00am Eastern time, which represents the lowest bandwidth utilization period on Eclipse servers.
  • Sufficient bandwidth to support the mirror. We recommend at least 100 Mbps of available bandwidth.
  • You must subscribe to the mailing list for mirror maintainers. You can subscribe here:
  • administrators may remove a mirror site from the list at any time, if we feel it is necessary.

How do I start ?

  • 1. Fill out the following form:
    Organization/affiliation name (required)
    Your name (required)
    Your e-mail address (required)
    IP address (required)
    Internet-facing IP address of the rsync client. This can only be a single IP.
    Country (required)
    HTTPS URL (required)
    Base URL to the mirror. (
    https required. Unencrypted http not supported.
  • 2. Configure your RSYNC client and being RSYNC'ing. You can download and use this shell script to mirror Eclipse:
    Contact if you require further details.
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