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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] Bittorrent mirror


Now that our million-download challenge is done, I've added a small link to your Eclipse SDK torrents on the Eclipse downloads page:


iBiblio's permaseed is infinitely useful, and already the Eclipse torrents are getting some good bittorrent action, even 45 days after release date.

Our release is about 1,000 files, but most people want the SDK, which is currently what's available on your tracker now. Based on our download stats, I don't see an immediate need to seed anything else for now.

For future Eclipse releases (say, 3.2), how do we go about getting the same subset of files seeded?

Thanks again for this great service,


John Reuning wrote:
Excellent, more discussion of torrents is good.  Eclipse could certainly
use the extra distribution channel.

Of course, the eclipse maintainers will have to figure out what's best.
I recently added eclipse 3.1 torrents to our torrent service:


In addition to searching, browsing, & BT tracking, we provide stable,
permanent seeding.  Eclipse torrents are a good thing, though, no matter
where they're hosted. :)



On Fri, 2005-07-01 at 09:17 -0500, Alon Rohter wrote:

I'm one of the devs from the Azureus bittorrent client team, and since we use SWT and Eclipse extensively for our work, we thought we could help and you might benefit from a bittorrent-based mirror, especially after the crazed 3.1 release. We can offer torrents served from a reliable tracker, along with RSS-based download statistics if desired.

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