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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] becoming mirror for downloads

There was no forewarning of 3.1 to Eclipse mirrors and I apologize for that. A build is available for public download the minute it appears in our directory structure.

For future releases, I will work with the Platform team to delay public downloads by at least 12 hours so that our mirror sites can sync up in time to handle the rush.

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, and I am very appreciative to all the mirror site maintainers for all the support you offer Eclipse.org.


SWITCHmirror Admin wrote:
Since there was no heads up message and early access for the
mirror maintainers announcing release 3.1, we all had to compete
with all users and the download was slow.

On SWITCHmirror we are nearly up-to-date now, all big chunks
are here.

Kind Regards
Thomas Lenggenhager            lenggenhager@xxxxxxxxx
SWITCH         The Swiss Education & Research Network
Neumuehlequai 6                  Tel: +41 44 268 1520
CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland      Fax: +41 44 268 1568

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