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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] Fw: Declarative UI roundup?


Marcelo has a prototype for a JSON serializer.  One deficiency in JSON, which isn't apparent for its primary use case, is that you don't know the type of what you are reading.   Starting at the root, you haven't clue and even when processing children, you never know if the actual data's type is of a class derived from the expected type of data.  This makes it hard to create the right type of object in a strongly typed setting...


David Orme wrote:

This is interesting.  XML is good in that it has tooling, but other formats are arguably even more wrist and eye-friendly.  Given our web aspirations, JSON seems particularly interesting...

Ed- is there a JSON marshaller for EMF objects yet?

-Dave Orme

On Nov 6, 2008 6:47 PM, "向雅" <fyaoxy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

2 points: an UI declaration, and a thought. UI declaration:
above sample can be like this:

@layout: fill;
label: "hello, world"; text{style: BORDER; layoutData: "grow"}

Huge simple?  if yes, again:

@layout: "fill";
       text{ style: SINGLE, BORDER;}
@forms: true;

       @id: loginSection;
       sectionStyle: ExpandableComposite.TITLE_BAR;
       text: 登录系统;
       layoutData: "center";
               @id: sectionClient;
               layout: "wrap 3", "[][250:pref:400,fill][]", "[]5[]";
               label: 您的数字证书:;
               text { @id: certFile; text: ""; }
               button { @id: browse; text: 选择文件(&B)...; style: PUSH; }

               label: 您的密码:;
               text { @id: password; text: ""; style: PASSWORD; }
               button { @id: login; text: "登录系统(&L)   "; style: PUSH; }
       client: @sectionClient;

2, a thought: at this time, in the world, the most question is not can
you do. instead, just be: How and what make better.Yes? like David
style, I do answer, sure.:)

Best! qinxian

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