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RE: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] Fw: Declarative UI roundup?

>I don't want to sound like a lawyer but what is the license of XAML, is it
opensource at least it is controled by M$, right?

XAML is under the license of Open Specification Promesses (OSP). You can
find the detail information in this page
( It allows
everyone to use it for free. 

The XAML specification can be downloaded here:

Best regards
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Ed and Angelo,

a) I'd like us to see the biggest spectrum of available technologies
b) Ed is right I think we need a more strongly typed / constrainted
   description language.

As I have understood TK-UI so far it uses XUL to described the UI so
Angelo has a constrainted description language it only misses an
Ecore-Description [1,2].

I don't want to sound like a lawyer but what is the license of XAML, is
it opensource at least it is controled by M$, right?

What I often thought about is that we could have a layered approach here:

XAML    XUL     MXML    MySpecialML
|        |        |          |
             | Transform (XSLT, ....)
           SwtXL => EMF-Modeled SWT-API

This is the concept I currently have in mind for my UFaceKit-Project the
only thing I replace there is SWT through UFaceKit and SwtXL through

I've already tested this approach in a project I had named EXSWT the
only thing missig there was the Ecore-Model for EXSWT [3].



Ed Merks schrieb:
> Angelo,
> I was trying to find an XML Schema for XAML.  Is there one?  DOM is very
> unconstrained so building a DOM that's well-formed XAML seems important...
> Are you aware of
> It's interesting to see some of the Oslo developments.  It makes you
> wonder if Microsoft will build a DSL for XAML. :-)
> XML continues to strike me as a poor man's excuse for human readable
> syntax that's primarily driven by a desire to avoid having to write
> lexers and parsers.  It's great for interchange, but not so great for
> humans.
> Cheers,
> Ed
> Angelo zerr wrote:
>> Hi Kevin,
>> The subject is very interesting but I believe that Eclipse E4 have
>> intention to use EMF.
>> I would like call about TK-UI for declarative UI but TK-UI use DOM and
>> it seems that people prefer EMF than DOM.
>> I would like just say too, that I'm refactoring TK-UI to use UFace 
>> <>(where I'm contributing) which
>> propose this project to Eclipse
>> I think that UFace is very interesting for declarative UI because :
>> * it provide universal API to render it to SWT, Swing, QT, GWT...
>> (UIElement )
>> * manage binding with JFace Databinding. So you can bind properties of
>> widget (visible, text...), layout properties (orientation, with...)
>>   with anything. Into TK-UI it's easy to bind DOM element, attributes
>> with tje UIElement. Each properties (ex : setVisible) notify listeners. 
>> * manage Databinding with UIForm. It's easy to manage master detail
>> and into TK-UI I'm using to manage Databinding Expression  Language
>> (like XAML binding epression).
>> Regards Angelo
>> 2008/11/5 Kevin McGuire <Kevin_McGuire@xxxxxxxxxx
>> <mailto:Kevin_McGuire@xxxxxxxxxx>>
>>     Thanks all who responded to my previous note.  As we did for the
>>     styling roundup, it'd be great if people could fill in a bit of
>>     information about a proposed technology as prep for us all for a
>>     call.
>>     At your earliest convenience, please take a moment to fill in an
>>     entry in the following table:
>>     You'll notice a striking resemblance to the styling one we did,
>>     about midway down
>>     The idea here is that providing the information shouldn't be
>>     laborious on the part of the presenter, but enough for everyone to
>>     get started investigating.  We'll then have a bakeoff call, post
>>     slides and notes back to the wiki.
>>     We should aim to have the call in a few weeks.
>>     Best Regards,
>>     Kevin
>>     ----- Forwarded by Kevin McGuire/Ottawa/IBM on 11/04/2008 06:16 PM
>>     -----
>>     *Kevin McGuire/Ottawa/IBM*
>>     10/14/2008 05:49 PM
>>     To
>>     	"E4 developer list"
>>     cc
>>     Subject
>>     	Declarative UI roundup?
>>     Hi gang,
>>     As you may recall, in August we had a Styling roundup to look at
>>     the different available skinning technologies.  While organizing
>>     it, we discussed also wanting to do one for declarative UIs.
>>     There was a lot of interest at the time, and there's been lots of
>>     discussion on this list lately about different declarative UI
>>     technologies/approaches.  I think the Styling one went well so I
>>     was wondering if folks wanted to do one for declarative UIs?
>>      See
>>     <> for an
>>     idea.
>>     This would involve some people volunteering to do a short
>>     presentation on a particular technology, either their own (e.g.
>>     XSWT) or one they are familiar with (e.g. XUL).  There'd be some
>>     prep in putting a small amount of information on the e4 wiki, then
>>     a call with presentations.  The idea is to have some decent
>>     content to discuss but not create a big presentation job for
>>     folks, so the emphasis would be on short presentations (and also
>>     out of the interest of keeping the call to say 1.5 hours which
>>     will be a challenge I think).
>>     The goals of the call would include but not be limited to:
>>     1) All getting on the "same page" with respect to the different
>>     technology choices available to us.
>>     2) Open discussion of pros/cons of different approaches.
>>     3) What problems we believe it will solve in the e4 context.
>>     4) Hopefully come away with a small number of "most promising"
>>     technologies which the community could focus on in e4.
>>     Any interest?  Note that this is community driven content, so
>>     "yes" would mean "yes I'll sign up to provide some content".
>>     Regards,
>>     Kevin
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