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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] [resources] Resource Folder filters

Hi Serge,

> Well, it may hide any file system resource of the same name, but you will
> need to have a linked resource for it, so a resource will still be visible
> in the workspace, although it will point to nowhere :)
> So it kinda defeats the purpose of being able to exclude resources from the
> resource tree.

Presumably the implementation is such that links to this NULL
filesystem would be hidden by default and have no associated cost
(other than the current cost of storing links...).

> To perform what you are suggesting, if I understand correctly, the user can
> already do it with the 'group and independent path' patch by drag and
> dropping files and folders from Windows Explorer, opting to create groups
> and linked resources, and after manually removing the unwanted linked
> resources that were created automatically.

So I've played with this feature and it's cool :)!  However what I was
asking for is this _without_ the overhead of large .project file.
i.e. it would be good if users could create a completely virtual tree
of IResources with little overhead if the virtual tree happens to
match the underlying EFS tree.  If they delete resources from a
subtree this could result in an automatic exclusion being created.

I think I was trying to make a slightly orthogonal point on how and
where the linked resources and exclusion lists should be persisted.  I
think a good feature would be for a higher level
"create_virtual_tree_rooted_at="{loc}"" type of markup rather than
having thousands of links in the .project file.



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