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RE: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] [resources]File systemlayer requirements

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> systemlayer requirements
> >> My idea was that we could come up with a beefed up EFS API that 
> >> provides access to features provided by JSR203, and learn from its 
> >> API decisions (actually some of them are in EFS already, such as 
> >> atomic copyTo() / moveTo() operations, or throwing 
> exceptions rather 
> >> than returning boolean in case of failure).
> >> Because then we can have multiple implementations of the 
> EFS API -- 
> >> ranging from most basic ones (based on over medium 
> >> versatile ones (based on the current native liblocalfile) upto a 
> >> plugin based on Java7, which would likely have more 
> features but only 
> >> run on a Java7 JRE only.
> I would expect all implementations to work in the same way.
> So it should be possible to implement the new EFS API using 
> just, right?
> For me interesting part of JSR208 is WatchService API. I 
> think that we could consider having file system notifications 
> in EFS, instead of RefreshProvider API available only on the 
> resource layer.

This is a good question. I don't think we've totally thought through the
delta notification mechanism yet. I think by default we're putting it in
the Project layer. I'll take a look at JSR 208 (or is it 203?) and get a
feel for what they are trying to accomplish.


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