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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] [resources]File systemlayer requirements

Hi Martin,

Oberhuber, Martin wrote:
<> looks like it is
Although this looks (to me) like an interesting/useful addition to JSR-51 (i.e. the nio stuff in JRE 1.4), it looks like it might be a little while before it's widespread. Further...I'm not sure

My idea was that we could come up with a beefed up EFS API that
provides access to features provided by JSR203, and learn from
its API decisions (actually some of them are in EFS already, such as atomic copyTo() / moveTo() operations, or throwing
exceptions rather than returning boolean in case of failure).

Because then we can have multiple implementations of the EFS API --
ranging from most basic ones (based on over medium
versatile ones (based on the current native liblocalfile) upto
a plugin based on Java7, which would likely have more features
but only run on a Java7 JRE only.

Yes...but it seems to me (from the JSR description only...I haven't looked more closely at 203 yet) that the major 'feature' provided by 203 is asynchronous io to the file system (based upon nio). But admittedly there are probably other things in 203 that could be included in EFS.


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