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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] New E4 demo

Kai Tödter wrote on 09/24/2008 03:01:50 AM:

> based on Tom's EMF UI model and Boris' e4photo demo, I started a
> little "more Enterprise like" E4 RCP demo, a contacts manager. I
> have the first prototype running but want to polish it a bit before
> publishing.

Sounds great!  Do you have any screenshots? ;-)

> I would like to contribute this demo to the e4-incubator project.
> Can I get write rights to the CVS?

Assuming that the e4 project creation review on Tuesday passes, you will have commit rights to the e4 project soon after.  We will move the existing code from the e4 incubator component there.  (Voting you in as a committer to the component wouldn't be faster.)

In the meantime, how about you file a bugzilla and attach your example code?  I would be interested in having a look, and maybe others would, too.


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