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[eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] SWT port to Flex

Hello all!

One of the big issues when porting SWT to a platform where Java isn't running is that Java isn't running.  For the Flex port, a cross-compiler was written that converts Java to ActionScript, but there's more than just syntax translation involved when running Java without a JVM.  Java programs need a Java Class Library (JCL) to code against.  For the Flex prototype, a small CLDC-like"Java Class Library was written.  This was done to get off the ground but in the long run, maintaining this JCL is not attractive.

For the SWT Dojo port, GWT was used for both the cross-compiler and JCL.  Moving forward, I can see two obvious candidates for a JCL for Flex: GWT or Harmony.  I believe that the obvious approach (ie. use Sun's) isn't on the table for licensing reasons.

I'm proposing that we (e4) investigate GWT and Harmony.  Does anyone else have any other ideas?


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