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[eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] Initial e4 committers

There are some more people that I have been talking to that would be
interested in becoming active e4 committers (and which already provided bios
to me ...). Two of them are current RAP committers, two are committers of
the qooxdoo JavaScript framework project.

This was in my email backlog, sorry for sending this out so late.

Ralf Sternberg
Ralf Sternberg is a committer to the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP), working
for Innoopract in Karlsruhe, Germany. His main work area is RWT, the RAP
SWT implementation, especially topics related to UI styling and theming.
He implemented the CSS-based RWT theming subsystem and is involved in
the e4 declarative UI/Styling discussion.

Benny Muskalla
As a long-term RAP committer and Platform contributor I'm really
interested in becoming a committer of the E4 effort. The main areas of
interest are the SWT/RAP combination and the client-server slit. In
addition I care about the Tooling to leverage the adoption of the
new technologies.

Andreas Ecker
Andreas Ecker is the project lead of qooxdoo ( At 1&1
Internet AG (, he leads a team of engineers who are
dedicated full-time to qooxdoo development. Andreas has extensive know how
in JavaScript and web technologies as well as designing platforms for web
application development. He is interested in contributing to e4, possibly
implementing a SWT browser edition based on GWT and qooxdoo.

Fabian Jakobs
Fabian Jakobs works as a JavaScript framework architect for 1&1 since
November 2006. He is connected to e4 through qooxdoo, the JavaScript
framework used in RAP. His recent work involved designing and implementing
the new widget and layout system for the qooxdoo 0.8. His interests
regarding e4 are primarily in the SWT browser edition field, especially in
the combination of SWT-qooxdoo-GWT.

If there are no objections I would like to propose to add the four as
initial committers to the proposal.


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