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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] e4 Symposium at Eclipse Summit Europe?

Jochen Krause wrote on 08/12/2008 04:34:42 AM:
> Tom, Ed,
> Thats great. Can we have a call later this week to discuss how to move
> ahead? Thursday / Friday would be possible for me.
> Jochen

Not sure if I missed anything but did you end up having this call?

I checked the system but could not find a submission for the symposium
that I thought we'd like to have at ESE.  I believe it is important
that we use the opportunity to increase participation in e4. To that end,
I would like to offer my help in organizing the symposium.

How about I enter a submission tomorrow (Wednesday), if still possible,
into the system, with the following abstract (feedback welcome!).


e4 Symposium


The Eclipse platform was originally targeted at building an extensible
IDE component framework. It has since evolved into many different areas,
enabling whole new categories of scenarios and domains. As the software
landscape changes, so must the Eclipse platform in order to remain
relevant and vibrant. The trend lines point to web technologies, new
user interface metaphors, and distributed infrastructure. Now is the
time to rethink elements of the platform so that Eclipse may remain at
the forefront of application development.

We have started to work towards building Eclipse's next generation
platform for pervasive, component-based applications and tools,
called "e4". A summit in May 2008 in Ottawa, Canada, kicked off the
effort that strives to ensure the broadest possible community

The purpose of the e4 Symposium is to assess the progress we have made
since May, in terms of thinking, plans, and actual running code, to
discuss the work areas that are part of the e4 effort, and to invite
new contributors.

Please attend this symposium if you would like to work together on

- simplifying the Eclipse programming model, making it easier to write
- more flexible, sophisticated UI styling
- enabling a broader array of applications to be built from Eclipse

and potentially other directions as reflected by those who are actively
participating in the effort.

For more details about e4, please see:


In order to participate in this symposium, please submit a position
paper (minimum two pages, maximum ten pages) that raises an issue,
describes a problem or sketches a solution that should be discussed at
the symposium. Submissions should be licensed under the EPL.


Initial Paper Submission: September 25, 2008
Acceptance Notification: October 15, 2008
Symposium: November 18, 2008


Boris Bokowski, IBM Canada
Jochen Krause, Innoopract GmbH
Tom Schindl,
Ed Merks, Independent

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