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[eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] Technical issues with the e4 CSS call - feedback appreciated to evaluate Yugma

Hi gang,

It appeared that people were having a lot of technical problems with the e4 CSS call.  This was the first time using Yugma and I'd appreciate some feedback to understand if its worth trying to use in the future.  The problems I saw:

1) People showed up in the screen sharing but they never joined the conf call.  There may have been confusion over which # to dial, the one I sent out (my conf call #), or the one that Yugma sent out (presumably some VOID service of theirs).
2) People were connecting/disconnecting/connecting/ to the session.  It seemed the connectivity was poor/unreliable?
3) For reasons I am not clear on, some of the invitees who were to have been given ability to share their screen were not.  I couldn't figure a way of correcting that.  When sending the invites, you specify who is in which category.  I would've given everyone screen sharing, but I assumed it worked by email login ID matched against the invites which doesn't work for sending to an entire mail list.

Its a lot cheaper than WebEx (estimate was it was going to cost $300) but there's no sense using it if the quality and reliabilit isn't there.



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