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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] e4 Symposium at Eclipse Summit Europe?


I'm willing to help out too, but there will also be a modeling symposium and the two will overlap. Of course I'm wanting to help out with the sample application, and I really wanting to see the data binding integration story. So count me in on helping back up the co-chairs.

Tom Schindl wrote:
Hi Jochen,

If nobody else steps up I'm going to step up :-). So if you are confident with me as a co-chair I'm available for it.

Is there anybody planning to submit a talk about the state of E4. What happened until then (Nov 2008)? Boris and me are creating an example application to evaluate our now platform api ideas. Should we present this demo application showing people our new idea of the platform (Model-Driven/Declartive UI/Scripted/...)?

I've just submitted a talk about RCP+EMF+Databinding [1] so if I'm going to be the co-chair for the symposia I might not have time to submit another talk about these new e4 concepts though I think its crucial that we show the community as early as possible where we are heading to and get their feedback.



Jochen Krause schrieb:
I would volunteer to lead a e4 symposium at ESE, ideally together with a co-chair if someone is willing to step up for that.

As we had broad participation in the e4 summit from Europe I am confident that we can put together a compelling symposium. Maybe we could even integrate a “remote talk”, it seems the video worked reasonably well at the e4 summit.


Am 16.07.2008 17:31 Uhr schrieb "Jeff McAffer" unter <jeff@xxxxxxxxx>:

    As you may have seen
    , Eclipse Summit Europe
    <_>  is coming up in
    November.  Previous ESEs have had a very successful day of symposia
    -- very focused half or full day events akin to workshops.  This
    year we are expanding the symposia program to accommodate the
    increased interest.  In the program committee discussions we thought
    that having a symposium on e4 would be a great idea.  So this
    message is to both solicit feedback on whether or not such an event
    would be of interest and if there are people willing to take the
    lead on putting together the program for the symposium (i.e.,
identifying and coordinating presenters, moderating the discussion, ...)




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