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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] TK-UI parser - why Flute?

Hi Angelo,

interesting. I also found another shortcoming of the batik parser: It doesn't provide a Locator to obtain text ranges for property values, which can be a problem when CSS files should be modified (we need this in the RAP Theme Editor). Steadystate provides a Parser#getLocator method, I didn't find anything similar in Flute.

What about the license of Flute? I recall this is a W3C license. Is this compatible? If there is a chance to use this parser with Eclipse, I'd like to have a closer look, too.

Best Regards, Ralf

Angelo zerr wrote:
Hi Kevin,

TK-UI CSS parser use Flute parser by default but you can use another SAC Parser if you want. Today I have founded 3 SAC parser implementation : Batik, Flute easystate which implement CSS2 specification but not CSS3.

with easystate you mean steadystate, don't you?

Into TK-UI I wanted manage namespace described into CSS3 specification, to write selector by setting package.
Imagine you have two classes Label

org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Label and my.Label

If you want disting selector between two Label, you can use CSS3 namespace and write his CSS :

@namespace swt "org.eclipse.swt.widgets";
@namespace my "my";

swt|Label {

my|Label {

So I try to update SAC Parser Batik, Flute...and I found Flute was the easier to update, because Flute is based on JavaCC where you have Parser.jj JavaCC file which desribe CSS2 grammar. I have updated this file to manage CSS3 namespace. See customized Flute parser at

Flute jar into distribution is 1-3 (it's my flute parser). The real flute parser is 1-2 (2 means support CSS2).

Regards Angelo

I have used Flute Parser because I have improved it to manage CSS3 namespace.

2008/8/8 Kevin McGuire <Kevin_McGuire@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:Kevin_McGuire@xxxxxxxxxx>>

    Hi Angelo,

    I was looking at your TK-UI css.core and noticed it uses the Flute
    parser.  I was wondering if you could discuss why you chose this
    particular SAC parser?  (vs. batik for example).

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