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Re: [eclipse-ide-wg] Download links from main download page to link to IDE donate campaign?


Most certainly I will want to ensure that tracking is done properly and that when the user perceives they are donating toward a specific downloaded technology, this perception should be respected.  I've been quite adamant on this topic at the board meetings and will definitely follow up now that we have a working group to focus on such topics.  I'm not sure in this specific case of the mirror script whether the page referral in the header would carry the information about what was being downloaded...


On 05.07.2021 13:34, Mickael Istria wrote:
As a continuation of the donation topic, from page, going to the IDE download page (which are now WG duty if I understand correctly), the links of form let the user download and redirect them to the "generic" donate page and doesn't seem to be using the dedicated "Eclipse SDK" scope/campaign, so it's going to the general fundation bucket instead of specifically the IDE WG.
Am I right here? If yes, is this something the WG should try to change?

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