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Re: [eclipse-ide-wg] Does WG accept donation? Replace "Donate" page in the IDE?


The original intent of these donation changes was to earmark and track what the user is doing when when they donate.  That should be in place now.  I have already mentioned to the WG that I believe the money earmarked for "IDE donations" (i.e., comes from the IDE, from the Installer, or while downloading an IDE or an Installer) should earmarked for the IDE working group. 

This is the link for the page that currently shows in the IDE or is opened from the installer:

When a person donates from this page (which they've tended to do twice as often as before), they get to this page where the tracking information is available:

The current page is quite clear to as "what you can do to support the community," with the suggestions of investing your money or investing your time.  That seems a pretty reasonably equal billing to me.

In any case, I'm sure the WG will want to revisit this to update the content.

I can't really comment on the efficiency of improving the IDE.   I'm not sure there's an objective measurement for that.   I seems to me though that for many people (and companies) it will easier to donate money than to donate time.  Many people just don't have the time nor the skills, but everyone has money...


On 05.07.2021 12:41, Mickael Istria wrote:
Hi all,

I'm wondering whether the Working Group can accept dedicated donations?
I'm asking because currently, there is the Donate page that is shown at IDE startup, and that would lead some generous users to donate to the Eclipse Foundation. Shouldn't we try to get this money directed to the working group directly? It's more likely that users of the IDE want to sponsor IDE development than the Foundation.
Also, I'm in general uncomfortable with promotion of "donate" over other forms of contributions. Wouldn't it be better to develop a dedicated "Contribute to Eclipse IDE page" with a clear area about donations, and to promote such page? Having more contributors has proven by the past being more efficient at improving the IDE than gathering money.


Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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