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[eclipse-ide-wg] IMHO serious issues in the Eclipse Java IDE 2021-06 M3

Hi all,

IMHO the following two issues of the Eclipse Java IDE 2021-06 M3 are serious, since they probably affect many and since there are no known workarounds for them:

1. Empty Maven console

2. Creating of a Gradle project via the "New Gradle Project" dialog is broken:

In contrast, the following two issues, which I guess will also affect many, are not serious from my point of view, since workarounds are known:

[JEE] .js files opened by default in the Text Editor instead of in the Generic Text Editor Workaround: right-click a .js file + "Open With > Other...", select "Generic Text Editor" and choose "Use it for all '.js' files"

WindowBuilder does not work with Java 16
Workaround: in "eclipse.ini" add the line "--illegal-access=permit"

It would be great when these issues could be fixed for the 2021-06 release.



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