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Re: [eclipse-dev] Simplified API removal process for Java code

Hi John,

The link to the API removal Javadoc is already included. See first paragraph in the help.

Best regards, Lars

John MOULE via eclipse-dev <eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb am Do., 30. März 2023, 17:25:


I've just been made aware of the decision to not mandate adding API removals to the Plug-in Migration Guide.

During the last update (4.26) to Platform my client (Renesas, an ISV) performed, I found the migration guide [1] extremely useful as there was quite a lot of change required due to the jface.databinding removals.

Having the ability to check some documentation on API removals makes planning the update a bit easier. For instance if there were a lot of API removals in a particular Platform release, it would be great to know about them before actually getting that release and seeing compilation issues and would allow to size the job.

I totally get trying to reduce the release burden. Maybe an easy win could be to link, in the migration page, to some automatically generated javadoc deprecated-list.html file that contains classes marked for removal. That would at least give a size to the porting task.


Cheers John Moule
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