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Re: [eclipse-dev] Simplified API removal process for Java code


I've just been made aware of the decision to not mandate adding API removals to the Plug-in Migration Guide.

During the last update (4.26) to Platform my client (Renesas, an ISV) performed, I found the migration guide [1] extremely useful as there was quite a lot of change required due to the jface.databinding removals.

Having the ability to check some documentation on API removals makes planning the update a bit easier. For instance if there were a lot of API removals in a particular Platform release, it would be great to know about them before actually getting that release and seeing compilation issues and would allow to size the job.

I totally get trying to reduce the release burden. Maybe an easy win could be to link, in the migration page, to some automatically generated javadoc deprecated-list.html file that contains classes marked for removal. That would at least give a size to the porting task.


Cheers John Moule

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