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[eclipse-dev] Platform now capable of producing and deploying Maven SNAPSHOTs of its artifacts

Hi all,

Some progress is happening on the story of publishing Eclipse Platform artifacts to Maven.

Here is a 1st one that can already be profitable to some: latest I-Build has had artifacts deployed to as Maven -SNAPSHOT. Those can already be used for testing. It's recommended to anyone who is using Maven artifacts produced by Eclipse Platform to give a try to those SNAPSHOT and verify they can be used for development (eg they don't cause Maven resolution failures).

A 2nd piece of news is that this process was implemented in jobs/scripts, so it can easily be reproduced and building/deploying snapshots are just a matter of a few clicks: one can run selecting `-snapshot` option and this will produce the pom with -SNAPSHOT; then deploying is done as usual by the Publish* jobs in . The deployment requires no option, it looks at the pom files to decide whether to deploy snapshots to or to stage releases on OSSRH (pre-Central) server.

This was implemented as preliminary work before we start considering refactoring the GAVs for Platform and start consuming more Maven upstream artifacts; to facilitate deployment to Maven and to prevent issues such as
Some possible next steps would be:
* continue using more and more Maven artifacts in .target in place of Orbit's ones, and remove special (error-prone) group mapping when publishing to Maven
* hook the production/deployment of -SNAPSHOTs after I-Builds.
Some help would be welcome for both tasks.

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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