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[eclipse-dev] Is there an official guide about "How To Contribute to Eclipse"?

Hello Eclipse Developers

I am not sure if it is the correct place to send this kind of email,

but according with "" I found this group

  • "eclipse-dev    General development mailing list of the Eclipse project.".

So seems it is the correct place, if not, let me know where to send this email.

The main reason of this email:

  • Is there an official guide about "How To Contribute to Eclipse"?

About the source code - to be honest, I expected be able to get the source code through GitHub, but there are many modules, and I saw many times the use of "Gerrit" in Bugzilla (

I found the following points something important to have clear before to start to contribute:

  • Is there an official Figure in which shows all the modules related and connected among them to know how works Eclipse?. And indicating what modules are mandatory and optional
  • Which are and How to get the necessary modules to build/compile Eclipse? (I am assuming the main module of Eclipse would be based either on Maven or Gradle)
  • How build/compile and mostly how test a new feature, bug fixed in Eclipse? JUnit?

Consider the following simple idea: I want add a new View to accomplish some goal (add a new feature for something). How to accomplish that purpose?

Bear in mind, you are already an experimented developer, involved with Eclipse (day by day), the bullets points would be very common for you, but not for me.

Therefore your guidance and support is appreciated

Thanks for your understanding


p.d: I know how use Github for a project based on multiple modules - such as Spring Security, Spring Integration, Hazelcast - how compile, build, test, etc.

But for Eclipse it is different.

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