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Re: [eclipse-dev] RFC: Eclipse TLP migration to Github

+1 to move the repos to Github. Let me know where I can help.



On Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 10:30 PM Alexander Kriegisch <alexander@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Aleksandar, everyone,

allow me to share my thoughts, even though I am a fairly recent
contributor to Eclipse projects and by no means as experienced in this
ecosystem as many others, especially the PMC members.

Having contributed to
  -- AspectJ  (GitHub → easy),
  -- AJDT     (no GitHub → more difficult, but at least no Gerrit),
  -- JDT Core (no GitHub + Gerrit → OMG!),

I can confirm many of the pain points mentioned in the linked document
and sympathise with the idea to migrate. The overall reasoning seems to
be a sound one to me. It is not a secret that I am not a huge fan of
either Bugzilla, Gerrit or squashing PRs into single commits. This
however is neither the time nor the place to bash tools and processes I
did not "grow up with" as a contributor. I want to look (forward) into a
future, in which on-boarding new contributors can be made less
cumbersome. I do hope that new, more lightweight tooling shall also
inspire more lightweight (dare I say "agile") processes - by no means
sloppy ones, of course.

Acknowledging the big amount of work ahead on this journey, I want to
wish well to everyone who is going to contribute. Godspeed, Eclipse PMC!

Warm regards
Alexander Kriegisch

Aleksandar Kurtakov schrieb am 14.10.2021 21:20 (GMT +02:00):

> We (Eclipse PMC) have been discussing migration to Github so we try to
> get closer to the bigger developer community and at the same time
> enhance the tooling we use daily.
> We have prepared a document [1] listing why, what, when, how according
> to our best knowledge but we are looking for your comments, ideas,
> etc. so together we choose the best path forward for Eclipse IDE
> development process.
> P.S. All communication channels are fine - comments on the document,
> mailing list discussions and even calls to discuss things.
> [1]
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