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Re: [eclipse-dev] How to build an older version of JDT Core

Thanks Carsten,

that looks promising but also complex. I had no idea there is a specific Eclipse flavour for Eclipse committers. I was hoping I can get this done by tweaking a Maven POM a little bit. Normally I work in IntelliJ IDEA, and for AspectJ I managed to set up my environment too just auto-import the Maven project and build all AspectJ modules, running tests via IDE etc. But like I said, we have no OSGi stuff in there, so that is somewhat easier. I guess, eventually I will have to not just switch to Eclipse (which I already did for JDT Core) but also set it up in a whole different way than now (IDE for Java developers). I am beginning to wonder if running the upstream tests on the AspectJ-ified version is worth the effort. It would be nice, though, instead of building kinda blindly without any tests and then testing the resulting artifact in AspectJ where we have a test bed. It would just be nice to know if the plain Java tests still pass after our extensions to the grammar and the compiler.

Alexander Kriegisch

Carsten Hammer schrieb am 01.05.2021 16:48 (GMT +07:00):

Am 01.05.2021 um 11:21 schrieb Alexander Kriegisch <alexander@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I would like to know how I can
perform a local development (snapshot) Maven build of JDT Core which is
not master. Background: In AspectJ we merge in release or master

I cannot answer your question regarding full build as I did not try that yet.
In case it helps to know a simple (kind of..) way how to setup your development environment for jdt to work on an older target version you may find some answers at
Best regards,

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