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[eclipse-dev] How to build an older version of JDT Core

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I would like to know how I can
perform a local development (snapshot) Maven build of JDT Core which is
not master. Background: In AspectJ we merge in release or master
versions from upstream sometimes and then work with the merged version
for a while (months maybe). As long as I use my custom Maven build for
that and define fixed dependencies available on Maven Central, this is
no problem. A few days ago I also managed to build JDT Core normally
from Maven, skipping tests. But maybe I was just lucky. Now it is not
working anymore, I get new compile errors. Maybe some of the many
dependencies have changed their APIs and no longer match my checked out
version of JDT Core.

Question: Is there any way to tell Maven to build against dependencies
matching the checked out version I am working with instead of pulling
the latest snapshots from I-build repositories? Can I somehow point the
build to a certain version or date for which to pull dependencies, so as
to build in a stable environment until I merge in upstream changes next

FYI, I am building the project stand-alone, not as a Git submodule of
Releng Aggregator. I just had to build one or two modules which were
unavailable in the I-build repos via Releng locally, the rest was
working nicely, but just for a while. I scanned the JDT Core Committer
FAQ, but did not find any helpful information about this. Mayber it is
explained implicitly somewhere there, but me being new to Eclipse and
OSGI, maybe I am lacking context knowledge here.


One more problem is that even though I did manage to build locally
without tests and was also able to run a majority of tests successfully
- some seem to be failing because I build on Windows, e.g. being unable
to delete locked files which were not properly closed - I never actually
got Eclipse IDE 2021-03 to build the project.

Alexander Kriegisch

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