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[eclipse-dev] 2021-06 plan

Hi Everyone,

4.19 is shipped and 4.20 M1 deadline is reaching, it's time to plan the  items for 2021-06 (4.20). We need to have initial plans by Thursday, April 8 EOD. The plans are needed for the release record, due SimRel M1. You can of course add additional items later.

As usual, you can simply create top-level/root bugs for the plan items and add the 'plan' keyword. Queries on the main plan will then show those plan bugs.

NOTE 1: You must set one of the 4.20 target milestone in order to let the query pick up the plan bug.

NOTE 2: Do not move existing/old plan bugs to 4.20 if work continues. That would destroy the older plan(s). Create a follow-up bug in such cases and refer to it in the old bug..

NOTE 3: Please make sure that you only tag root/top-level bugs with 'plan'. Bug fixes or simple things must not get the 'plan keyword.

Thanks & Regards,

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